Party in the Making

10:23 AM

Yesterday I made the menu for my boys birthday party that is happening this Sunday and I also stopped to pick up some supplies to decorate the table and cake.  I went to the craft store and a party store.  My boys wanted another baseball themed party and I wanted to put a little more effort into it and do something a little bit different than before.  They are older now so I figured it could be a more mature themed party.  Some of it might be lost on the younger guests!

I found some images on my computer from the old Tiger Stadium.  They are not photo's from when the stadium was in use - they are barren and dilapidated.  I find them to be a mix of beauty and of course sadness for the nostalgia of a time gone by.

I really do find the photo's beautiful.  I actually have another post - half written - that includes many images of neglected Detroit.  

So - the baseball theme for this year leans towards historical baseball.  I simply printed the photo's out and put them into photo card holders.  There will be another step before they are finished.

The Tiger is a very important symbol for us here in Detroit so I found a new larger tiger that is perfect.  He also looks a bit more aggressive that their previous tiger.

Here are the rest of the supplies I picked up.  We will see what becomes of them.

Fun papers for extra texture and color.

Love the galvanized looking stickers.

The plates and napkins are simple and in just the colors I was looking for.  Simple and subdued.  I can't wait to see if my idea's all pan out!

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