Frame Find - Final Result

10:54 AM

Here they are!

Aren't the photos I ordered from mimi charmante beautiful!  They are titled belle paris and french flowers.  I love them!  I so wish we had fresh flower markets where I live that stocked flowers of such beauty!

The colors work so well with the frames!

Back from the framing store!  It took me forever to pick out a mat.  There was one that was  p-e-r-f-e-c-t-!  Of course - discontinued!   I really don't like that word.  Stores need to put that stuff away so we never knew it existed :)  Anyhow, with much searching I ended up finding this faded gray mat that works just about as well.  The first mat had a linen look to it and more of a very faint sage green!  It looked amazing - but I really like how this works too!

The votive holders are really drinking glasses with a printed crown on them.

I was going to hang the photographs in our foyer, but you know how the best laid plans are.  Instead I ended up moving some furniture and items to the foyer from our front room and then just redid my display on this old dresser. 

The new arrangement is casual.  Frames are just leaning against the wall.  Easy to change when the mood strikes!

Closer view of the flowers.  The basket was "borrowed"  from Josh's closet.

The eyeglass chart rests in a really large Ikea frame.  I used burlap behind the chart which adds nice texture and color.

So the foyer got a makeover - the front room has less furniture - and this tabletop was redone.  Oh - and our dining room table is covered with the "extras" that I have to store or find a home for.  I also have an extra table.  What started out as hanging two pictures ended very differently but I'm glad.  Now we have some fresh new spaces!

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