Fire Pit - Complete!

9:57 AM

This project has come a long way!

This is a view of the area before any work began ...

Here the wall is complete and the pea stone filled in.

See that old plastic edging ... Here is where the process slowed while we waited for our order to be shipped.

Willow edging!  It finally arrived!  The perfect complement to soften and break up all the stone surfaces.  It will also work so well in separating the pea stone from the mulch used underneath the trees.

A closer look - I love all the texture and interest this border adds.  It took some work to bend the edging.  My husband soaked the pieces in the pool to soften them up so he would be able to create the shape we desired. 

Aren't all of the elements working so well together?  Sod is being laid today to patch up areas of missing lawn and to repair the dirt racetrack our Whippet has created in that part of the yard.  She is fast and takes the corners hard!

The Fourth of July is almost here and when the fireworks are over this is where I am sure to be!

There will be no better way to end the holiday than by spending time with friends and family by the crackling fire - enjoying a late night hot dog cooked over the open flames - even the reheating of burgers  - followed by Smores!  While all this is happening the clock will strike midnight and this July 5th birthday girl will start a new year!

Thank you to my husband for creating this amazing space in the yard at a lightning fast pace.  It's going to be so much fun!

To view other posts on our fire pit click here and here.  

Also, Thank you so much for stopping by my blog - I'm hoping to be better about posting.  The boys and I have been keeping busy and my house is in a state of a serious mess.   I'm working on putting frames up in the hallway to our walk out so I have empty frames scattered throughout the foyer and dining room.  Hopefully they will all be up soon and I'll show you how it all turns out!   I have to go get cleaning - hope you have a great day!  

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