Made with True Thoughtfulness and Love

12:13 PM

I celebrated a birthday last week ...

Just look at the treasure that I received.

Noah worked hard and created this fantastic book just for me!  He said it would be o.k. if I shared just a few pages with all of you. 

He had told me he was working on something for my birthday.

He would wake up early and head to the computer.

I noticed him taking all the colored pencils up to his room.

I am overwhelmed by all the hard work he put into this gift just for me!

He is filled with so much love and kindness and this is just another example of that shining through.

He even wrote out a moral to the story which I love.

Whenever we see a movie I always ask my boys what they thought the message was.

Noah, thank you so much!  I love your story and of course I love you!

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