Quick Flag Garland

12:24 PM

Right before the Fourth I decided to make up a few flag garlands.  There were slim pickings on holiday fabrics so I headed to the quilting area of the store and chose fabrics that had red, white, and blue.  I was able to cut 8 triangles from each packet of fabric.  I bought little packets - I think they were called quarters.

Here is the how to:

Use a heavy piece of paper or cardboard and with a ruler draw a triangle that measures 8 inches on each side and 7 inches across the bottom.  If you want a different size triangle - go for it!  There is no right or wrong in this project.  Cut the triangle out and use it as your template.

Using a pencil trace the triangles onto your fabric.  Use pinking shears to cut out the triangles.  Cut inside your traced line to avoid pencil marks on the fabric.

Iron your triangles and then lay them out in the order that you want them to hang on your garland.

 I used double fold bias tape quilt binding in 7/8" to attach my triangles to.  There are 3 yards in each package.  You can also use a thinner bias tape or ribbon.  I used white on the banner above and yale blue on the brighter banner below. 

 If necessary iron your bias tape or ribbon.  Next find the center - that is where you will start placing your flags.  I liked using the bias tape because you just open the fold and slip the flag in.  So, start pinning in the middle and work your way out on each side.  I left around an inch between my flags, but once again - just do whatever looks good to you!  You should have 10 to 12 inches of empty space on each end of your tape or ribbon.

Using your sewing machine run a straight or zig-zag stitch all along your tape or ribbon to secure all the flags.

The great thing about this garland project is that you can make it in any size you want and you can use any fabrics you wish.  It's a very easy way to add extra color to any event, holiday or space!


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