Frame Find

10:07 AM

Here is a pair of frames that I recently picked up for a song!

At 70% off they ended up costing $7.95 for the large and $7.42 for the small.

I really liked the worn looking finish.  I like the stapes showing.  

I just had to look past this ...

and this.  Just not my style.  The floral prints were printed out on a piece of fiberboard and easily popped out of the very unique frames they had been placed in.  I think I am going to cover the floral boards and make memo boards out of them!  They will be perfect!

So lets just readjust our eyes to the good!

  and know that something even better rests inside this package from mimi charmante.  Kim's photography is beautiful!  I'll be back to share the results soon!

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