Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park: Dale Chihuly Exhibit

10:56 PM

Before leaving Grand Rapids we made a visit to The Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park.  We went to see a special exhibit called Dale Chihuly:  A New Eden.  This exhibit was installed as a part of the gardens 15th anniversary.

Now that's a greenhouse!

Look closely.  Do you see the colored grouping of large circles hanging from the ceiling.  It looks like a large bouquet of helium balloons ...

But is actually blown glass!  This is just the tip top of a giant outdoor sculpture.  Dale Chihuly's blown glass sculptures are amazing.  Some of his sculptures are so complex that it takes teams of up to 18 people in order to make them become a reality. 

I'm a huge fan of mercury glass.  Never before have I spotted any like this!

Now we are inside the greenhouse.  Up close this reminds me of the marbles I used to play with while in grade school.  It's stunning and I am very happy that I didn't have to watch it being installed!

A few more works of art.

My very favorite part of the exhibit!  As you are walking along the path you see the great blue sphere.  As you get closer a pond emerges.  It's like walking into a fairytale.
Like giant Hershey Kisses floating on the water.
At the far back of the pond there was a rowboat full of glass.  This entire area was so beautiful and unexpected.

I am so happy that my first trip to this garden included the creations of Dale Chihuly.  I can't imagine the gardens being stripped bare of this glass wonderland.

That is a real bird taking a rest on top of this sculpture!

Thanks for looking at my quick little tour.

Dale Chihuly has glass installations all over the world.  To see more click here. 

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