A Little More Birthday

9:15 PM

I know I always enjoy seeing what other people gather or find interesting along the way ...  I enjoy seeing how people live and what they like.
Maybe I'm a smidgen nosy - I think that's part of why I sometimes enjoy a little reality television ...
Mixed in with an abundance of home decorating shows and home magazines ... 
I will never tire of seeing other peoples spaces.  

Even when I was very young I found homes and buildings interesting.  I can still remember so many exact details.   I remember how they were laid out and how they were decorated.  This fascination started probably around Kindergarten or even earlier.

I've wandered a bit off subject now ...  This post is really just about sharing some of the material gifts I received for my birthday!  Oh, and before I forget - Thank you to everyone who left a comment on Noah's gift.  He is brimming with pride!

So here we go ...  
I happily received a J. Crew gift card from my Mom which I hastily spent.  I have intentionally not stepped foot inside all year.  I love it all too much!  After enjoying some birthday lunch at the mall with my mom and sister my mom and I  headed right to J. Crew and my sister back to work! 

This white tank is adorable - it has such pretty little flower detail.  It reminds me of the Italian cutwork my grandma used to work on - except no cuts!

I also picked up this oatmeal colored cardigan.  I love the mint green tulle detail.  I like little touches like this.  All in all, I dress pretty simply - I usually even wear the same jewelry each day - my signature!  Oh, and everything has to go with denim!  

I had a great afternoon out shopping with my mom.  It has been awhile since we had the chance to do that!

She also got me this necklace and the bling bracelet in the background.  I do like to add a bit of fun to my simple outfits!

Rob picked up this fun jacket and broach for me at Loft.  He also picked up a paint spray gun, a letter and number set to stamp metal, and a little extra spending money!

This is from my sister, Field!  Aren't the little letters the best!  They are wrapped around the softest scarf.  I thought that was cute enough, but wait!

When you take off the scarf there is this great ceramic measurer.  I was so excited!

I now have the measuring cup and letters by my kitchen sink.  I think the letters look fun tied to the galvanized stand.
 I've had questions before about the paint color in my kitchen - It's actually wallpaper and it has endured many years of use and I still really do like it!

Well, there is a little look at my life and style I suppose.  I can't wait to share my next post with you.  I went to my cousins wedding last weekend - simply beautiful and unique!

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