Friendship and Prayers

10:08 PM


 Today was a day to celebrate friendships!  This is my friend Karen - the guest of honor!

Karen and I met 5 years ago when our youngest boys started first grade.  She truly has become one of my very best friends.  She has all of the qualities you would want in a friend.  She is kind, fun, funny, genuine, helpful, supportive and positive - just to name a few!

Karen is one of just a handful of my "real life" friends that likes to talk decorating!  She likes to shop at antique stores, flea markets, and fun shops.  She can see past somethings initial look and make it beautiful.  We have a lot of fun talking about changes we want to make in our homes.  Karen also started blogging around the same time I did so we like to talk blogging as well.  Visit her at her blog - Tru Blue 2 - you will love her writing style and her photography is truly beautiful!

Karen has been having problems with vertigo and had been diagnosed with Meniere's.  Her symptoms worsened this summer and after a hospital stay, many tests, and a MRI the diagnosis has changed.  Monday she will be having surgery to remove a tumor that is pressing on the nerves in her brain stem.

Today was for Karen.   We laughed and we cried and are looking forward to her feeling better.

I don't consider myself someone who is great with words but I have to say I am so happy she is part of my life and that I could help in making even one of her days a little brighter.  It is a very good feeling!  

She has been so overwhelmed by the goodness of people and as I told her - it is a reflection of the person that she is.  She gives so much and now it is her turn to receive.  

Please keep Karen and her family in your thoughts and prayers.   

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