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Now that I know Karen is doing well I will share more details about the friendship lunch we shared last week.

First - the little centerpiece - I got inspired while browsing on Etsy.  

Etsy has this great little shop called Carolina Paperie that sells the most adorable table number cards.  I didn't need any table numbers but thought it would be really neat to write out a word within this border.  There is another really nice border as well.  I sent an email asking if it was possible to have the word friendship spelled out and also what size it could be.  My questions were answered quickly and in less than a week I had this great new sign!

I cut a piece of burlap a little larger than the sign, fringed the edges and trimmed them straight. The sign is mounted to the burlap with double sided tape.  Tiny clothespins secure the sign to the wire rack.

The possibilities for this idea are endless.  You could choose any words you like or the names of your children.  Maybe even a monogram!  Imagine how great it would look framed. 

I also knew that I wanted some tissue pom poms and I placed my order with  Fiesta Pom Pom.  They also arrived quickly and I like how this ivory colored poof adds some extra interest to the sign.  I would completely recommend both shops!  Everything is wonderful and each shop was really helpful!

I've had the wire rack for a really long time.  It's made by Wendy Addison and was a gift from my mom.  It was hanging on our great room wall with the glitter word wish draped across it.  I've been hanging so many things on the walls this past week that I figured I would take this down - replace it with different art - and actually use this as intended - for display.  It is a really good change.

In the next photo you can see a little of my hallway hanging project.  I still have to fill some of the frames.

This table was set up in the foyer for drinks and dessert.

Simple lemonade and iced tea - I used the jars I keep my flour and sugar in.  A couple of saucers to set the ladles on and drinks are ready to serve.

For fun - four different kinds of sprinkles on the cupcakes.  White edible glitter, white nonpareils, lavender sugar, and opalescent sugar.  I used what I had on hand and thought they looked pretty.  I liked the variety.

View from the front door.

Table was set with simple white plates and napkins.  Very minimal.

{ Menu }

mozzarella, tomatoes and basil on skewers marinated in balsamic vinaigrette made by michelle
feta hummus dip with tortilla chips

Chicken salad over mixed greens
orzo salad made by michelle
asian coleslaw made by carla
homemade tabbouleh made by lydia

lemonade * iced tea

cherry chip cupcakes with vanilla frosting
mint chip and coffee ice cream pie with Oreo crust

Everything turned out so delicious and went so well together.  I really appreciate all the help I had with the food.  All I can say is thank you and YUM!  I'll share some recipes soon.

View from dining room into front room.

Back to the table - I made the napkin rings with bird nests from the craft store.  I used two different sizes because the store didn't have enough of the large nests.  I used five different ribbons.  Some thin, some wide.  I had all the ribbon on hand.  I guess it is good when you are drawn to similar colors.  Once again - like the cupcakes - I liked the subtle variety. 

To make the napkin rings simply cut a piece of green floral wire about 3 inches long.  Bend it in half and leave the bent edge curved.  Next, poke the floral wire into the center of the nest (front to back) and twist ends tightly right under the nest.  Cut ribbon about 24 inches.  A little longer for the wider ribbon.  Find the center of the ribbon and twist the floral wire tight around it.  Tuck floral wire ends in or clip.  Lay the nest on top of your napkin and wrap ribbon around the back and then back to the front.  Tie ribbon to the right of the nest. 

The color really just comes from this everyday flower arrangement and Moroccan drinking glasses turned candle holders.

View from front room.  I wasn't kidding about the open floor plan.  The front room actually used to be closed off with walls and doors.  We opened the room up by putting in the half wall with the pillars.  We also took out a wall that was where the two floor to ceiling pillars stand.


Lastly and most importantly the party would be incomplete without ...

treasured friends to share it with!

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