Bathroom Remodel - The Before

8:43 AM

So, this is one of our awful looking bathrooms.  It's the second bath by our boys rooms, and we figured it would be the bath to start with as far as remodeling.

Right now, we go in - use it - get out - and shut the door!

It a twenty year old basic builders bathroom.

When I first looked at the photos I thought that it looked even uglier in pictures.  They magnify the ugly factor.

So, this bath is going out the door.  Also, no wonder the door doesn't close right - it's looking quite warped!

I can't wait to show you what we chose so far for the remodel.  I have lots of inspiration photo's too!  We waited a long time - are doing the work ourselves - and are very grateful we can fix it up!  Hopefully all of our choices will work nicely together!

More bathroom posts coming soon!

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