Second Bath - Demo

12:06 PM

Funny to think that this was our bathroom!

Now it's a bath in a bag!  Using a Bagster was both economical and convenient.

Now, the cleared out bath.  The closet will become a cabinet.  Nice interior paint job all these years.  I didn't even realize it wasn't fully painted until now.

It is very nice to have the room emptied out.  A little scary too I guess.  I cannot wait until that wallpaper is covered.

The new plan is to install a shower where the bath used to be.  For our family this makes more sense.  The boys don't take baths, and if anyone ever wants to there is one in the master bath.

The ceiling in the shower was really low.  We made the header shorter, and brought the inside height of the shower up to the 8 foot ceiling height we have in the house.

All of the basics in the room will be in the same place.  There isn't any room to change the layout.  Yes, that light will go.

Oh, and a little progress in Noah's room.  Seasoning the chalkboard.  I ran out of chalk so I will grab more tomorrow.  Hopefully I will finish that this weekend, and get his desk built.  If you missed the plan for his room click here.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Any fun plans?  Baseball season starts over here :)

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