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Friday, November 16, 2012

Ladies Shopping Night In Holly Tonight - What I've Made For Christmas


I'm getting ready to head up to my shop space at Pigeon In The Parlour for Ladies Shopping night tonight from 5-9.

I've been working on Christmas so I thought I'd show you a quick peek.

I set the tree up at my house last night just to check and see if my ideas all worked together.

I'm happy with it - here it is - 

I created everything from my own little mind except for the wooden stars.  Those were an online idea.

It's a mix of cream, black, craft paper, glitter, and map pages.  I have a small selection of iridescent glass ornaments to add to the mix as well.  They aren't on the tree here though.

I'm hoping to set up Etsy next week.  Life has just had it's twists and turns lately.  I have had some very funny moments as well as some of the stressful moments.  Just like anyone I'm sure.  I'm good though - no worries :)

Lastly,  just because there wasn't enough on my plate I whipped these up this morning.  Each topped with a vintage ornament.

Hope everyone has a great day and weekend!


Lee said...

This is lovely. Those small trees are too precious. Love it.

Polly McCormick said...

First of all, looks great! Second of all, I LOVE that you mentioned they came from your own mind! People think that every idea is a Pinterest idea nowadays. As much as I love Pinterest and do get inspiration, I always try to put my own twist on things. You are so talented and creative Lynda! I bet your open house is fabulous!!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Love your tree just gorgeous! Wishing you a fabulous thanksgiving!