Happy Thanksgiving & Photo's From A Perfect Fall Day

2:53 PM

First, I want to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.

I actually have a few minutes to relax before our guests start arriving, and thought it would be the perfect day to share some photo's from one of the last beautiful fall days we had here in Michigan.

One day as I was heading home from errands and driving down the main road near our house I saw some people riding their bikes and the scene looked so beautiful I had to go through it myself.  Guinness and I jogged/walked (lots of stopping to sniff of course) this path that day and the next.  To me it was just so perfect.

This is one direction.  I love this old white house.  It wears green shutters and a red front door.  It has a large yard with lots of gardens.  We had a heavy rain the night before which made the leaves fall quickly.

Here is the sidewalk view on the way back ...

Hearing the leaves crunch underfoot and enjoying the smell of Fall.  There were so many leaves!

Hope everyone enjoys their day with family and friends!

I'm looking forward to dinner - It is all delicious, but I love the sides best!!!  Even though I've made the cranberries twice in the last month I cannot wait to have them with the stuffing and green bean casserole, etc.

Happy Turkey Day!

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