Update On Our Bathroom Remodel

11:18 AM

Slowly progress has been made.

We had open walls ...

and open floors.

My husband and his friend did the electrical work, and lots of plumbing.  I even learned how to cut copper, and hook up pipes.  Summer passed and life gets busy.  This is the point where we decided to call in professional help.

We now have our heated floor installed.  Tile to come here soon.

The marble floor in the shower is finished (covered here), and the wall tiles are going up.

This is how it looked this morning.  Initially we were going to hang metal baskets on the wall for supplies, but in the end I decided that a built in ledge would be cleaner looking while still very functional.  I think with all the fixtures that are going in the baskets would have just been messy.  I guess in the end we will see if I was right.  Hopefully today the shower ceiling tiles will go in, and maybe the crown.  I will be able to show progress more quickly now, and really this is the fun part.

Happy Monday!

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