Flower House Detroit + Their Soon To Be Released Book

4:50 PM

While scouring the Internet for unique Detroit art to place in the roller rink I've been updating I came across Flower House Detroit.  I wish I had known about this event when it happened - at least we can all enjoy the photo's and be inspired by the entire unique and creative concept.

So what is Flower House Detroit?  


one $500 abandoned house in Detroit
one floral design business entrepreneur with a plan - Lisa Waud of Pot & Box
many local and national cutting edge florists
one common vision
a community event

This abandoned house was filled with American grown flowers and plants.  Wall, ceilings, floors.  Nothing was left untouched by the beauty of living greenery and floral's.  Even the outside was adorned with this beautiful mural.  It was then opened to the public from October 16-18 of 2015.  

Now that the event is over the house has been taken apart - the materials are being repurposed - the land is becoming a flower farm and design center for Pot & Box.  I just love this entire idea!

It actually gets even better.  There is now a Flower House Detroit Book.  It is available to preorder now.  I cannot wait to receive mine.  

If you like what you see here be sure to visit The Flower House website.  It is full of so much information and gorgeous photo's.

Speaking of the photo's - they were taken by Heather Saunders.  She has a site full of beautiful images.  I even see that she took photo's at a Salt and Cedar Pop Up Dinner - my photo's of the dinner I had there aren't even close to how clear her's are!

I hope you check out all the links for the full story - I just had to share some of this goodness here!  Maybe that book will even be ready for Mother's Day.  For any Mom that loves flowers - what a gift that would be!

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