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6:23 PM

Good Morning!  

I was working on a Mother's Day board for this week, but I didn't like it enough to publish it so I just put this board together for you.  Sometimes things done at the last minute turn out so much better ... plus there is just so much to like in this world.

Here we go ...

Running down the left side of the screen are some more cushions I am loving.  They are made by Susan Connor and printed on linen.  Visit her shop to see all the beautiful and intricate patterns she creates.

Have you spotted Target's Calleo hook and rail collection?  It is simple in design yet so nice looking.  And options ...  there are so many.  The rails themselves are offered in 4 colors.  I highlighted the gray and white here.  The baskets and hooks come in gold, nickel, and bronze.  All of the options available really make it easy to customize to your space.  I just love them!!!  Click the links below for details on each piece.  There are two other hooks not shown here, and I also really like the chalk and corkboards you can add as well.

Peach iced tea - particularly from Slow's in Detroit - is my favorite iced tea.  I cannot wait until Slow's opens in Pontiac - then I can get my fill whenever.  Until then I think I will try this Art Of Tea peach flavor.  Our waitress at Slow's told me they sweeten their sweet tea with brown sugar.  I usually don't use any sugar in tea, but in the case of the peach it's amazing!!!

This photograph by Lisa Russo is so calming to me. Queen Anne's Lace reminds me of where I grew up.  You can find it here.

Another unique photo taken at Cranbrook.  This one is by Riot Jane and you can find it here.

Always on the lookout for new collars for Guinness this is the latest one that caught my eye.  Shibori style - gold hardware - this is in my shopping cart!  This collar can be found here.  The shop is called Pecan Puppies and they have lots of really nice choices.  What would we do without Etsy?

Next up is this coffee table.  The clear legs - so much space.  It is 71 inches wide - 29.75 deep - 13.75 high.  Wish my rooms were big enough.  It's a really useful piece.  Shop it here.

I buy Goodpop frozen pops at Whole Foods.  These are two of the flavors we buy most often.  They are a special treat!

Tiny alphabet dishes - 2.5 x 2.5 x 1 - would be great to keep rings by your bedside with the initial of your last name or your kids initials. 

Hope it was a good Monday!  I am super tired tonight.  Made an avocado and orange salad, baked chicken, a veggie bean soup from last night, and blueberry brownies for dinner.  I'm now looking forward to catching up on Quantico or Jane The Virgin.  I'll probably read some more of  Me Before You too.  I'm really enjoying it so far.  The movie comes out soon.  I like to read the book before I see the movie. 

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