Monday Mix // 05

11:00 AM

Time again for some Monday finds.

Madcap Cottage Fabrics at Calico.  There are so many really fun prints.  Here are just two - Ditchley Park in Rhubarb and Windy Corner in Indigo,  There are also lots of tropical prints, many florals, and a nice collection of smaller print fabrics.

This Floral Burst Chandelier is just too pretty!

As an addition to any tabletop this linen napkin would be an ideal choice.

Adorn the wall please - this Copper Mirror available in 3 sizes -  8, 14, and 22 inch diameters.   I sprinkled copper throughout the Rink project - I'm thinking that these are needed there as well.

This console bookcase is so well done - and at a nice price point.

I just purchased this Pineapple Candle as part of a birthday gift - it is the prettiest candle ever - now I just need to find one for myself!  It smells good too - a mix of orange, grapefruit, lime and bergamot.

This Vintage Indigo Print is beautiful and expensive.  It's more of an inspiration photo for myself!

I picked up Balancing In Heels right before Easter, and after reading a little bit each night last week I'm finished already.  It was really an enjoyable read.  I'm past a lot of the stages that Kristin is going through with kids, but even so there is a lot of material I relate to.  She dresses more in the way I go towards, She has a really well designed shoe line, and her cooking!  Her next book needs to be a cookbook.  Her food centers on fresh, clean, whole foods.  I'm going to make some of the recipes this week.  They are all approachable and look delicious.  That's in part why I picked up the book!  Oh, and look at her kitchen!  

Next up - Lustre Glasses - I think they would look nice holding candles as well as for drinking.  Maybe even as a vase for a single bloom.

This last photo is a table set with the napkins I mentioned above plus very pretty Misty Blue Edged Plates.  I really should be replacing our's soon, and these just may be the choice.  I like that they look deep - which is how the plates I have now are.  The food seems more secure :)  That color is so soft too.  I'm really liking them.

It's always fun to see what new things I come across in a weeks time.  I actually think my board for next week is already almost finished.  Hope you'll check back again.  Enjoy the week.  

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