The Bloom Workshop

10:42 AM

Last week my friend Stacy and I made our way to The Bloom Workshop - Ann Arbor.   It was held at Sunset Cove Bed And Breakfast - A stunning lakeside log cabin - grand in size.

This workshop - created by Michaela and Ashley - was about flowers and cookies plus photography and styling. 

We learned so much about flowers - how to care for them - prep them for your vase - even how to manipulate a flower into looking different than when you purchase it at the store.  We were taught all of this by Jennifer Haf of BLOOM Floral Design.  After reading her blog I found out that she was one of the floral designers that made Flower House Detroit come to life.  After all of the instruction and the learning of the "recipe" for our arrangement we headed out to the flower bar - picked our vase and flowers - and then set to work.  Really fun creative time and we all left with a beautiful arrangement!  If I thought I'd become a flower addict before I'd say I've upped my level after this experience.      

Above is a photo of our table space upon arrival.  So pretty.  We actually started the day with a lesson on painting cookies - watercolor style.  Lets say that Heather of Sweet Heather Anne made this look really easy.   This was a challenge.  See my stacks of cookies below - I hid my really bad cookies under my acceptable cookies.  I ate my really bad looking cookie.  It was so much fun, but I need lots more practice.  The cookies themselves were delicious.  My family devoured them.   Heather Anne shared with us some of her special ingredients.  We also left with the recipe so we could make them ourselves at home.

Stacy and I agreed that our palettes looked better than our cookies :)

We also learned a little about photography and photo styling from Ashley and Michaela.  They are both just the sweetest and they created a unique escape from the everyday.   It was nice as well because everything had a use - fun without accumulating more things.  If you have a chance to attend one of their events I'd say just sign up.  Everyone was really nice - there were all ages - some came alone and some were with friends.  You were also busy enough working that if you are quiet you don't really have to worry about being overly talkative.  Dress in what makes you feel most comfortable and enjoy a fun day out!

We have so much to learn from each other and this day spent with other creative types taught me a few new tricks, and inspired me to take those lessons and create, and even expand on some of the ideas in order to make something that is uniquely my own :)

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