Monday Mix // 08 - Mom Style

9:38 AM

Just a few idea's today for the Mom in your life.

I usually keep it pretty simple around here ... brunch and a thoughtful gift.

Totes are always a great idea - you can find them at all different price ranges and they are always handy.  This gingham tote caught my eye.

I waited to long on this - it's sold out right now - but  this Tulle Dress would be a pretty choice to wear on Mother's Day.

This necklace is perfect for Mom's.  You can choose up to 3 letters.  It's available in gold, silver, and rose gold.  You can save 20% right now.  I'd order the 18" gold with the J first and then the N lower.  You can also buy a chain extender on the Maya Brenner site so if you like your necklace even longer this is a very useful idea.

New to me Michigan band - The Accidentals.  When my sister and I were at the Andrew Bird concert the couple next to us mentioned that this band had opened for him and that they were so talented.  It wasn't but the next week that they were in Yahoo news for a song they wrote about Michigan.  My sister sent me the link - I listened - I'm hooked.   Seriously check them out and tell your Mom about them - I listen to them on my Amazon Prime Music.

I have a thing for yellow and this pair of shoes should be mine :) 

When my hands get really dry there is nothing that I like more that my Arbonne Sea Salt Scrub.   I use it once and my hands transform to softness and they don't catch on fabrics.  It's amazing!!!  I've never used any product that comes even close to how nice this is.

This Suede Tote is a great color.  You can use with or without the long handle.  It's on sale too!

I make a lot of cupcakes, and I'm probably really late to the game, but when I saw this 24 cup baking pan it was like hitting the jackpot.  This makes baking cupcakes that much quicker!

Pouring batter into cupcake tins is my least favorite part.  This batter dispenser would make the job much easier.  

Maybe your mom likes a little art - prints by Clare ElsaEsser are beautiful and unique.  Two that I love are Married To The Sea and My Love.

Lastly - Oh Joy appetizer plates.  Not sold online so you have to check stores for inventory.  Love that gold accent on them.  Really a pretty little gift for Mom. 

and with all that ... hopefully everyone get to enjoy what really matters - time with your kids and your mom :)

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