First Floor - Photo's - Finished, but Empty

9:34 AM

Here is the house pretty much all cleaned up.  This is a corner of the great room, but it's a good look at the floors and the new baseboards.

Front door looking into kitchen eating area.

View from corner of dining room towards the front room and the garage door.

From Dining Room to Front Room.

Kitchen to Great Room.

Kitchen to Dining and Front Rooms.

The range.

This wall was kept because the storage was needed on each side.  This side holds a glass front hutch, and the other side has the pantry and the refrigerator/freezer.  I always liked being able to see out the front room windows while cooking so walking space near the range was left open instead of being closed off.

Replacing bifold doors with real doors made such a difference.  I also had inserts added to the closets.    The closets used to be a mess, and just packed.  Now there is a lot of extra space.  And that hardware!!!

The pink back door. 💗

I'm really proud of how this kitchen and remodel turned out.  Piecing together things I liked in the different inspiration kitchens was successful, and I am really happy with the floorplan as well as with all the design choices I ended with as well.  Every piece of hardware, and the lights, the faucet and sink, the range.  Choosing what color to paint the kitchen was probably the hardest part.  Plus, I think it's so much harder choosing things when it's you that are going to be living with each and every choice.  I will do a post in the future listing all of my favorite things, and what I don't think was needed.  There is one thing that I think is more trouble than it is worth.

Now I just have to find all my finished photo's.  I will get those together, and then list all the sources probably in a separate post after that.  Thank you for following along.

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