Monday Mix // 65

9:16 PM

Massive randomness here.  I feel like my head is a bowl full of mush today :)

Being stuck inside - cooking is always a good idea.  There is a dip in this Nothing Fancy cookbook that I cannot wait to make.  Its called Creamy Sesame Turmeric Dip.  I had the Pizza Camp cookbook at my other house - I've gotta order a new one.  It's a fun read and great recipes.  Lastly I feel like I have a want to make homemade bread obsession right now so this Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast Cookbook caught my eye.

I've been looking around for things to dress up the garage area of my house.  Not sure if I will use any of the finds here, but I like them.  White Wall Sconce - Post Box - House Numbers.

I think this Lantern light is so darn cute.  Maybe by the front door.

Need a new candle?  Barr Travel Candles Original Scent, Celebration Day Candle, and my favorite Vanilla Orange Candle (not pictured)

This Mint Julep Towel is adorbs - and I like the Linen Towels in the bottom corner of the board.

Cute Pots.

This Rug - love the colors in it and the price!

Drippy Heart Mug and Drippy Heart Paperless Wallpaper!

A super cool Rose Gold Rechargeable Lighter - I have it and really like it!!!

For the kids - Sidewalk Chalk and Chalk Blast Balls.

And that's it for today!

Happy Monday!

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