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I have so many projects to do around the house, and with the nice weather happening I've been thinking a lot about the outside.   For now I'm seeing what they had growing in the yard, and learning how I use the space.  I'm also thinking about what extras I'd like to add to the yard.  Next year will probably bring big changes to the outside, but for now I have 3 decks that need a little (lotsa) love.  I've included some of the things I own, some things I have and love, and some things that I am pondering.  Plus a little fashion because who doesn't like a little something new.  Let's start!

This short puff sleeve sweatshirt - I have it in ivory and a blush pink and love it so-ooo much!  Comes in 7 colors.  It's just super cute and the fit is great.  When I wear them my friends want to know where it is from.  It runs true to size.  I'm 5'6 and probably 128 pounds and I ordered a small.

Umbrella's.  So many choices.  I'd like to keep them fairly simple on the house, but I am so drawn to the blue polka dot design.  Right now it will either be 2 of the navy piped and 2 of the polka dot or all navy piped.  The previous owner had 2 umbrellas mounted to the upper deck railings, and then 2 on the lower deck.  Gives the house personality and some needed shade.  The ones that are there now are kinda a teal blue green.  They function, and are not bad.  I'd just really like to give the house my own spin.  What would you do???  The house is light gray with white railings right now.  Will probably end up being a white house in the future.

This lantern comes in 2 sizes.  I purchased the smaller (12 inch).  The larger lantern (22 inch) can be found here.  The light that comes through it at night is so pretty.  It's being used on my kitchen center island right now.

Just a picture of a pretty garden.

A cute little rattan planter for inside.

This lotion - with all of the excessive hand washing I think this lotion is perfection.  I can't even tell you how much better my  hands look and feel when I use this.  I purchased a few extra too add to gifts!

I wore this black dress on a day trip this past week.  So comfortable - such a great price.  Flattering.  Simple.  I wish they offered it in more colors.  I'll be wearing this all Summer.  Purchased a small.

One piece suits - sometimes hard to pull off.  I really like the shoulder ruffles and neckline on this one.  I bought it last year and it's a favorite.  You can find it here - and it comes in other fabrics as well.  I ordered the seersucker this year.  And wait for the 40% off sales.

I adore these matte white tealight holders.  Once again the light coming through is so pretty - they have a great weight about them - and the bottom kinda grips the surface.  These are really good!!!  There is a larger size too - find that here.

I've bought so many cute planters from Target over the past 2 years.  The styles are so good.  This iron planter with brass stand is one I've been thinking about adding.

The double swing!  Been wanting one for years.  Just ordered during the sale.  This will replace a simple white swing that hangs on my middle deck.  It will make more of an impact from the lake, and it looks comfy!!!

Need a new porch rug?  I don't right now, but if I did this would be in my cart.  I did purchase this one this year, and layered it over this.  It dresses up the lower back deck.

And bar carts - love them - Lyford Bar Table has great style!

That's all for now.  Happy Monday!  Hopefully the swing will be here soon, and it will look great enough to share in a post.   Now, I need to get powerwashing!!!

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