Cutest Little Match Jars You Ever Did See

1:04 PM

I came up with what I think is a cute little addition to any candles you might be gifting this holiday season.  With just a few simple supplies you can create them too!  All supplies are linked at the end of the post.

First, for the adorable little glass jar all you have to do is enjoy some yogurt.  Buy the Yoplait Oui brand.  I try to stay dairy free as much as possible because of a food allergy so I've been loving their coconut dairy free vanilla flavor.  It is delicious!!!  When you are finished remove the label from the glass jar with goo-gone and then wash and dry.  If any label glue is left over nail polish remover on a cotton ball works great to get the rest off.  When you jar is clean and dry use this label maker and get creative with your sayings.  The possibilities are endless - it all depends on the receiver.  I did Merry and Bright, Shine On, and Get Lit.  You could also do something like Est. and the year or maybe something with gleam, glow or sparkle.  You get the idea.

Before you fill your jars with matches put a striker match sticker on the bottom of the jar. 
Then just fill with matches.  I used about 6 of the match boxes (source below) to fill each jar.

Since it is Christmas I decided to put a tiny bottle brush tree in the jar.
Then I used some washi tape that I had on hand to secure the top.

It's a truly simple idea, but I think pulling together all the little touches makes them really special!!!

Supply list:
Match Strike Paper (I used the Honeycomb)

*please note that this post contains some affiliate links

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