Monday Mix // 89

10:01 AM


Lots of very random items - but good finds and ideas!!!  I'll talk a little about some of them.

This Target dress is pretty perfect for hot Summer days and comes in so many colors.  I grabbed one in white in a small and will be wearing it on repeat!!!  The gingham top is very much my style.  I love this marble and brass knob.  

Line this basket and it is perfect for planting Summer flowers.  I bought these spreaders and love them.  They remind me of some salad servers I got last year from Anthropologie.  

This idea for sending photo cards right from your phone warms my heart.  You can add your own handwriting and note to make it super personal.  They have a membership where you can send 3 cards a month for $6.  What a beautiful way to unexpectedly brighten someones day.

Cozy pj's are always good - and I bought this striped bikini.  The white top I picked up elsewhere, but it looks great with the bottoms as well.  So a good mix and match. 

And note the bottom middle picture.  This is a scrunchie flask.  So if you are going somewhere and would like to take a little alcohol with you here is your solution.  Created in part by one of Noah's friends from high school who I've always thought the world of!!!  It was part of a college project.  The girls offer them  in a lot of different colors.  Smart girls!!!  So useful no matter how old we get :) 

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