A Tidy Mary Joins Her Friends

10:04 AM

Finally, here is a look at my finds ...

I was more than happy with all the really neat items I gathered on my last outing.  

Mary is all cleaned up!  She add's so much character to little mismatched set.

I like the way that the sunshine brings out the blue in the canning jars.  I have already had flowers in the large jar and they put a smile on my face.

This lid simply has the letter A embossed on it.  My family thinks I'm a bit silly for thinking that was so exciting. 

There is so much detail on the handle of this serving piece.  When I found this it was half tarnished / half not so I had to polish the entire thing.  Truly, I cannot wait for this to age again.  I think it is much prettier that way.

I was actually very happy to find this old crate.  When I was young Towne Club Soda used to be very popular in the Detroit area.  Just last week they had some at our local market so I picked up a few different flavors to sample.  We all decided that peach was the best.  Peach soda, I had never heard of that!  

It was because of finding the actual soda that it got me thinking - I remember having Towne Club at my neighbors house, at parties, and at my dad's office.  It was purchased by the crate.   You would save the bottles when they were finished and return them with the crate to Towne Club and then pick up your next batch.  Well, I was thinking I should go snoop around the old office and see if there were any crates left behind.  Since I found this I didn't have to check the office but there are a couple of other things I have my eye on over there.  

This crate was hiding on the bottom of a stack of crates.  I thought it looked like the writing was in the best shape and I am so glad I moved everything around and dug it out because it was the only one with the cursive and numbers printed on the inside.  My intentions were to use it in Josh's room and thought he is either going to love it or think I'm crazy.  His response was "That's cool!"

I'm off to run my errands.  It is supposed to reach 70 degrees!  That is the warmest we have seen this year.  Noah has a baseball scrimmage tonight.  It should be fun.

Hope your day is great!

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