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11:45 PM

My boys had a really nice  family birthday party.  Despite the 70 degree weather all the kids made it into the pool and had a enjoyable but cold swim.  There were more than a few sets of blue lips! 

Everything came together pretty well.  Here is one of the cakes.  I ended up making a red velvet and a cherry chip.

I frosted each cake with vanilla icing and added simple white sprinkles.  When the candles were on the cake and lit the Tigers looked really cool!

Here is my very basic centerpiece.  I picked up a big steamer tray from the party store and filled it with popcorn.  I then used the embossed paper and galvanized looking stickers to spell out play ball.  I attached a wooden skewer to the back of each and anchored it into the pan with a hidden marshmallow.  I also used one of the photo's taken at the old Tiger Stadium.

I love how this part turned out!  The glass vases have been on my kitchen window ledge but I had moved things and they were just sitting around.  As I was getting everything ready I decided that they would be a great way for me to display the rest of the stadium photo's.  I had already printed out the photo's and slid them into photo cards.  I decided to use wooden skewers as the stands.  I just taped them to the inside of each card and then taped the cards themselves shut by quickly rolling tape inside out so the sticky part was showing.  Hopefully that makes sense.  Just fasten them together so no tape shows.  I used sand in the bottom of each vase to represent the baseball diamond and then added a few of the extra daisy's I had.  The daisy's tie things together from the photo's.  One has the overgrown grass and the stands and there are a couple of daisy's growing.  It worked well and also let me do something a little girly!    Even now that the party is over the vases are on my center aisle and I'm really enjoying them.

Here is a peek at the plates. 

I used brown kraft paper type plates.  No shine to them.  The craft store had the adorable alphabet cards.  They are just sitting on each plate for color and to show everyone where their seats were.  It was kind of funny that the J for Josh had a jar of jelly on it because for some reason as a nickname (one of many) I call him Jelly!  Who knows why!

I had to trim down each of the small brown paper bags a bit so that the napkins could stick out.  The boys bags were dressed up with a baseball and held the Comerica Park napkins.

The bags for the girls carried on the daisy theme.  As the kids left they filled their bags with popcorn for the ride home.

I almost forgot to tell you about the menu.  I picked up some favorites and made a few things myself.  I had a night out with some of my friends from high school on Friday and a wedding on Saturday so there was no way I had time to make everything.  Here is what I served ....

Broasted Chicken from North Shack
Hummus and Pita Bread from Beirut Palace
Greek Salad from Alibi
Veggies with Feta Pesto Dip - made by me!
Strawberry Pretzel Dish - made by me!
Iced Tea and Lemonade - made by me!

Guinness had a great time at the party too!  Earlier Sunday morning she was out back and while chasing a chipmunk she managed to brush against a stick of some sort and sliced her little chest leaving about a 5 inch line where the fur is now gone. You can see it under her collar to the right and down.  Thankfully it didn't slice her any deeper.  She doesn't know her own speed!

A couple overall table views.  I think it turned out pretty fun!  

To see other posts about this party click  here and here.  Thanks for looking!

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