Snippets of the Fourth

11:50 PM

I know the Fourth has passed us by but I think I pulled off a couple things that are worth sharing.

Some flags blowing in the breeze.  Why do I have to decide to be last minute crafty girl?  I just couldn't help myself so Friday night I stayed up late and made a few strands of flag garland.   I really never pick the best times.  I actually think I sometimes work better when I'm under pressure!  I didn't use patriotic fabrics but did a loose interpretation and liked the results.  I also made another flag garland that is full of fabrics with white backgrounds and then prints in red or blue on them.

Anyone for Kool-Aid?

Red - Cherry   White - Lemonade   Blue - Berry Blue

I've been wanting to set up a Kool-Aid bar for some time now.  It was a fun touch that even the adults could appreciate.  My sister said if you mix the Berry Blue Kool-Aid with Lemon Vodka it tastes like the firecracker popsicles.  Maybe that was why Berry Blue was the clear winner with Cherry coming in second.
Just some essentials in patriotic colors.  We love using that frog to weigh down the napkins.

This little touch was inspired out of necessity.  My little flag on a skewer didn't want to stand in my tray of brownies so I got out the frilly cupcake liners and once again put them to work.  I still haven't actually made any cupcakes with them.

I wanted something to fill the baking cups with and I was very happy there were Red Hot's in the house.

The brownies actually looked fun.

We also had Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats and ...

Original Rice Krispie Treats.  

I am over the moon with my new galvanized stand.  I picked it up at Fourth Street Mercantile - see my story on them here.  

I went old school and simple on the desserts and I liked the mix of galvanized, wax paper, simple glass Pyrex, and the wire cooling racks.  Everything was set up outside and was quickly eaten up.

I have a couple of other fun things out in the yard that I'll take some pictures of.  I went to an estate sale last week and found some treasures and most of them have ended up out there.

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Fourth of July!

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