The Great Room - Tree #3, Wrap, Etc.

7:00 AM

Finally - photo's!

This is the tree with the stitched Santa's and shiny ornaments.

A cozy Whippet!  We cover all our sofa seats with quilts.  More quilts equals less wash for me.

This is what is on top of the t.v. cabinet right now.

Noah's newest artwork - had to make a drawing about being healthy.  Dr. Noah - he really does have the most beautiful shade of red hair and big blue eyes!

For my gift tags this year I just hand stamped names on blank tickets.  I really like them!

My wrap is either this polka dot paper I bought last year ...

or the fantastic Anthropologie boxes.  They have the BEST boxes this year!

Of course they have the best things to fill them with as well.

The wrap is all the same and the ribbons are all different.  I'm just not a matcher.  I guess I coordinate.  Like I see people wearing the cute matching sweatsuit.  I like it, but I could never do it.  I would be so uncomfortable.  It's one of my many quirks. 

The Santa with his sleigh flying by the moon - that ornament is very old and couldn't be seen very well in my last post.  I have 3 ornaments made this same way and I love them.  They aren't  crystal - they are actually made of some kind of clear plastic.
Little corner display.

More trinkets.

 Sofa pillows.  I recently picked up the big fluffy pillows at Pier 1 - very soft!

It's kind of hard to see the Santa's but they are there.  When Santa himself drops off packages they almost always have a picture of him on the wrap.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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