My Coffee Filter Wreath

3:15 PM

I just love the coffee filter wreaths so I had to try one for myself.

I used the natural colored filters and a foam wreath form.  I wrapped the wreath form in muslin before I started gluing.

 I bunched up the coffee filters and using hot glue I just kept attaching them one by one.  I ended up using all 200 filters.

It got so bulky and frilly that I decided to use some upholstery webbing to make it more manageable.  I just lined it up with the back edge of the wreath and used straight pins to secure it.  I like that the webbing keeps it looking neat and adds more interest.

I may hot glue the little bird decoration to the right front side, but for now it is just resting on the wreath.

I really like the little bird too!  It's ribbons are some of my favorite colors.

Thanks for looking and thank you so much for reading my blog this past year.  

Once again, I have to catch up on my blog reading.
I've been spending time away from the computer.

I probably won't be back again until after the new year so I hope everyone's is safe and happy!

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