Kids Easter Table

7:30 PM

Our cheerful little space for the kids to enjoy their Easter meal.

Happy wooden bugs hang from the chandelier.

The starting off point for the table was the little glitter baskets.
I really wanted the table to be colorful!

I was going to put the bugs on the fence by the pool, but now I know they will be staying right where they are.
It's fun to hang different things here, and for Spring and Summer this will be the look.  They really put a smile on your face.

Two of the details in this area are printouts from some of my favorite bloggers.  
Emily at Jones Design Company created the playful book covers - they really are very easy to stitch together, and would be great to use at any children's occasion or just whip them up for the fun of it!  You can find them here.

 I had the hardest time finding white chocolate rabbits this year.  Since the find I have devoured 2 already.  Oops!

Target has some of the cutest baking pans right now.  They come in an assortment of nice bright colors.  Little pops of yellow have really been catching my eye lately so I went with that, added some shred in yellow and green, and fresh crayons for the kids to use in their books.

I also used a empty burlap coffee bag for added color and interest.

Pink for the lone girl.
The napkins are really dish scrubbing cloths.

Here is the other printout - created by Jennifer from Dear Lillie.  I LOVE how this turned out.  So adorable and perfect for the day.  She has a variety of colors you can print out - all very beautiful.  Find yours here.

The print didn't fit any frames from my stash so I tried something and it worked out well.  I clipped a metal office clip to the print and then used the wire I had pulled out of the ribbon from my wire ribbon roses project.  The office clip was slipped onto the wire and then the wire ends were twisted together at the back of the frame.  This is an idea I will use again and again.  To finish it all up I tied a ribbon to the clip.

It sits next to the shadowbox that holds Noah's paper Easter treat bag he made when he was very little.

a.k.a. -  Easter Beagle.

We brought Guinness home a few years ago a couple of days before Easter.  This is sleepy baby G.

Hopefully the kids enjoyed the space as much as I enjoyed putting it together.
Thanks for looking!

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