A Great Dear Lillie Project

12:21 PM

Did you happen to see the Burlap vase tutorial on Dear Lillie last week ... 

I ended up making a couple.
I was afraid I would make nothing but a mess, but they both turned out pretty well.
I couldn't find our Sharpie so I used a fabric marker that I had on hand.
I also found a font I liked, typed out the names I wanted to write, and then enlarged them on my computer screen.  I needed some kind of guide.
I then just sat in front of the computer and tried my best to replicate it!
I am too picky so when I look at the one I made for us I think - Oh, I should have made the J larger or simpler ...  I know I'll probably remake it because it will bug me.  Oh, why can't I just let it go?

On Saturday my friend Karen gave me this beautiful bunch of Annabelle Hydrangeas from her garden.  

They are so delicate and I love seeing them each time I'm in the kitchen! 
That's also the reason I became inspired to make a wrap with Josh and Noah's names.

Noah's name wraps around the back of the vase.
I am very happy with how nice his name came out!  Success!

This is the wrap I made for friends.  They have two adorable little girls, and since I am surrounded by boys I decided I had to use pink embroidery floss to secure it to the vase.

Thank you Jennifer for another adorable idea.  
To see her beautiful creations, and for her directions click here.

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