Easter Table - 2016

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Today I'm going to share a quick post of our Easter Table.  Nothing fancy - just using things I have on hand.  The only new things are the eggs inside the large glass vase.  I picked those up at Target this year - I will list sources for everything at the end of this post.  I used 1 box in this vase.  The eggs were my table color inspiration.

I usually like to run a wrapping paper runner down the middle of the table.  I intended to do that again, but as I was putting Easter baskets together a piece of the cellophane was laying on top of the tablecloth.  It looked so pretty - and the weave of the fabric mixed with the cellophane was so interesting that I decided to use my extra roll right down the center of the table.  Usually I need 2 rolls - one for each basket - but the rolls from Target were very generous this time so i had an extra roll on hand.

Oh, I also purchased the short gold taper holders from Target.  They were on sale for $2.99 each so why not.  The little lights add so much to the table - and then I also used battery light votive candles picked up at Target last July.  Oh, Target - maybe they need to start supporting my habit :)

I picked up the peachy pink napkins for $1 each from Pier 1 last October.  Very good find.  The feathers are Christmas ornaments from Target this past year.  They look like ornaments sold at Anthropologie a year earlier.

Bead garland - I made this out of a Target necklace that I never wore.  I bought it just because I liked the beads so why not use them.  Now its just something neutral to toss here and there.

I found this pottery at Yellow Door Market in Berkley.  The artist has the best work.

Volcano candle - clearance breadboard from Anthro years ago.

This embroidery is from an estate sale.  It wasn't finished, but I liked the fabric, design, and the colors that were used so it came home with me.

Overall it was a table full of the candy colors I like most.  If you stay true to colors that you really like when you are out shopping you will find that everything will work together.  Use what you love - and really use them - they may get broken but isn't it better to get them out of the cupboard and enjoy them.  Pretty much a few times a year things I really like get broken.  This year I lost a goodwill find vintage plate at 4th of July, I lost a Nora Fleming retired yellow egg this Easter, and usually there is at least one broken wine glass each year.  In the end they are just things - most can be replaced - I just don't worry about it since things aren't the important part of life.  I might be a bit upset at the moment - but it does pass quickly for me.  Hope you enjoyed our Easter table.

Here is the list of sources:

egg vase filler
micro led string lights
6 pack outdoor battery operated tealights
cellophane roll - Easter basket wrap
Nate Berkus small gold taper candle holder
volcano candle
volcano candle imposter (smells just like it)
Marna McGlinn Ceramics - squirrel pottery
napkins (similar)
white dinner plates
ivory handled flatware
drinking glasses
white bowls
Moroccan tea glasses - I have this set plus a bunch of others I've collected over the years.  I burn tealights in them, and I don't think you can ever have too many :)

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