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I'm starting to make the biggest mess in my house.  It's gotta get worse before it gets better.  I'm spackling, painting, adding wood to a wall, etc.  I've also deactivated my FB account.  Maybe in 6-8 months the world will settle back down and people will get back to posting positive family things.  Until then - I'm out!!!

I went to Old Navy a couple days ago and came home with the most comfortable jacket - prettiest scarf - and a top for about $44.  Can't beat that!

So here are this weeks picks!

Old Navy jacket - I love this thing!!!  It was an instant yes!!! It is so lightweight it doesnt feel like you are even wearing a jacket.  Bought in a small. 

I couldn't find the exact top I got, but this cream top is similar.  I got a blush pink with a mock neck.  Very cute!

I have been wearing this pair of sneakers non-stop!!!  With everything!!!

This scarf is soft and goes so well with the jacket.  Love it!!!

I really liked this pair of leggings.  Way prettier in person.  Only reason I didn't grab them is because I have no need to add another pair of workout pants to my life right now.  Maybe if I purge a couple other pairs I never wear.  Until then nope!

I pretty much love gloss - once I finish a couple I already have this is on my list to try!

I ordered this lotion because I can tell my hands are already getting badly chapped, and it really helps your skin retain moisture.  I used to use it when my kids were little and I was constantly washing my hands.  In using it just one night I see a massive difference!!!  

I'm a very pale girl so I like to add a little color via self tanners.  Here are my favorites.

St. Tropez - always really good color - the smell is alright.  My hearing is not the best so I think my sniffer works overtime.  I buy it in light/medium.

Quick Tan - this smells amazing.  Like a perfect day at the beach coconut type smell.  No self tanner smell.  Only issue is you really need to apply it in your shower because it is messy!!!  That way you can just spray down your walls.  And use a mitt to rub it on evenly. 

The Lux products are really nice.  I think it takes longer to get good color, but its also really hard to get streaks with this.  Lux Unfiltered for body - click here.  Lux for face - click here.

This is just a good inexpensive exfoliating glove and tanning mitt set.

I really like this sweatshirt.  The buttons on the shoulders!!!

I have narrow feet yet these slippers stay on.  Click here for lots of colors.   

I picked this plaid top up at Target because the fabric reminded me of one of my favorite Free People tops.  I bought it in a medium and tie it in front.  It's super cute and comfy!!!  Love it.  Comes in 4 colors.

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