Working On Upping My Healthy - 30 Days Complete - What I've Been Following

8:15 PM

Today is Day 30!  If you have been following along on stories I made it to the end with only a teeny tiny bite of a tahini chocolate chip cookie my sister made.  Other than that little bite I've stuck with the plan, and I feel so much better, and I'm getting stronger every day.  Below are some of the meals I've made 😊

I've gotten so many messages asking what I am following & have already sent lots of people in that direction.  I decided to sign up for Danette May's 30 Day Challenge.  I wanted to do a cleanse, and the first days of this plan are just that.  I also liked that you eat lots of fresh foods.  I've got so many new go to recipes that I love.  Her plan is really easily laid out too.  You can swap any breakfast for breakfast - lunch for lunch, etc.  If something doesn't sound great or you have ingredients for something else its easy to jump around.  You also get workouts for the week.  I've been using my rower, but I really needed these additional workouts.  They are effective and tough.  Which is fine by me cause thats how you improve.

I love her Cocoa Bliss and if I get a chocolate craving I'll make a cup of hot chocolate with that and unsweetened almond milk. 

In the pic above I threw together some of the food and drinks other than the fresh food that are my daily go to's.

I found the honey at Whole Foods & I'm in love with spoonfuls and it's gritty texture.  Dandelion Tea daily.  The pasta I use is on the bottom right.  I drink some of Young Living's Ningxia everyday!!!  When I had Covid and would start feeling more off I'd drink my portion of this and I'd seriously feel quite a bit better.  Roasted Pecans are good all the time ;)  Lastly I love all of the Earth Echo items.  I have a cup of Golden Superfood Bliss every night.  Her Cocoa Bliss is something I'd been using for awhile and what led me to her program.

I just wanted to do a quick share.   This is something I decided to go do on my own, and it's not a sponsored post.  Thank you for following along on stories.   All the interaction has been lots of 🎉fun! 


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