Monday Mix // 95

3:57 PM

It's been a bit. I've been busy enjoying life and Summertime! This board isn't the prettiest. It's full of the more mundane purchases of life. I havent been buying a lot lately. More or less just picking up things I need and replacing things I'm running out of.

I've needed to mend some things around here for a bit.  I can't for the life of me find my tiny sewing kit.  I decided to order one up yesterday.  I got this one from Etsy because its very organized, and has a spot for all the random buttons one keeps.

My brothers family has a butter bell so I finally grabbed one of those - and I've needed a salad spinner.  I miss my old one.

I ordered refill soap.  I've been buying this since before I had kids.  The Sweet Almond and Valencia Orange are my favorites.

I ordered new eye makeup - mine is almost gone so I got that color and the rose colored one.

I used up all my old tanning lotion.  This one is my favorite lotion.  

I ordered a bodysuit to wear under my ruffled overalls - got new jeans shorts - and when I told my niece's I wanted white Birkenstocks they said I had to get the plastic ones.  That they were the best.  They are right in that they are super light and comfortable.

Lastly,  I ordered some floats for the lake.  Oh, and the Awesafe to store some paperwork.

Really exciting around here 😊

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