Two Schools - Six Teachers - Two Fun Gift Options!

10:30 AM

 2010 gifts for the teachers are ready and have gone on their merry way.  I just hope they are liked!

I did two different gifts - one for each school.  Josh and Noah both have 3 main teachers so I try to keep it simple.

Gift #1 - I just love how they turned out.  So hard to photograph with the mirrored frames, but in real life they really look so good.  

I found the frames at Kmart of all places.  They are from the Country Living line and have an aged look to them.

I used pages from an old dictionary and chose words to reflect teaching.  The one with the "m" has teach,  teachable, teacher.  Very straightforward.  I placed the letter on each sheet above my word of choice.  I used photo mounting tape to adhere them to each page.  The letters are from K&COMPANY and are called Yuletide Silver Glitter Alphabet Chip Box.  They had the best vintage glitter look.
I used the initial of each teachers last name. 

The other word's I used were instill and introduce.  There are so many words you could choose from - guide, instruct, inspire, motivate, encourage, educate, nurture, prepare, etc.

I really like that they are simple but have meaning.

Gift #2 - Noah's gifts start with sets of cards I found at Michael's (in the dollar bin).   I bought 4 sets and split them up so each teacher will actually have 1 of each card you see above in their set.  I made 8 sets out of 4 packs. 

I also found some really simple taper candles at Home Goods.  There were 8 to a pack and I split them up into sets of 3.

I wrapped them up in strips of dictionary paper, tied them with twine, and added a few jingle bells.  I'm going to have to make myself some and just place them in a bowl.

I didn't pick out a specific page but as it ended up one had science type words so that went to the science teacher.  Another has the word calender.  Just make sure when you are making your projects that there aren't any words on the page that you would be uncomfortable giving to someone.  It could be an embarrassing mistake if you don't look, but you might never be embarrassed because they would probably never tell you!

I placed the cards and candles in a little baking dish and they were good to go.  This gift is very practical and useful, but I also think cute too!

Last year I put together another little crafty gift.  You can see that gift here.  

I apologize in advance for any spelling errors of info I left out.  Let me know if you have any questions.  I've been staying up too late for the last couple of weeks and I think it is catching up with me!  I'm going to have to invest in some under eye concealer!  Well, I have to get ready for the day and then I'm off for some shopping fun with my friend Karen!  As I told her - today I choose fun!  I'll worry about finishing my Christmas shopping list another day!

Also - thank you to everyone for your super kind comments about our mancave.  You all made my day!

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