Edible WOW Magazine - Can't Say Enough Good Things About It

6:55 AM

This past year I have found myself devouring one magazine in particular.  I read every article, every ad, and I learn so much about interesting food and people and shops in my area.   This magazine gives me so many new ideas about where I would like to visit right here in Michigan.  I wanted to mention it because this local foods concept magazine is produced for 60 cities.  There just might be one for your area or an area that you are going to be visiting.  

 This is the cover of the Fall issue for my area.  The photography is so beautiful - the colors!

Just a few more examples of the photography.  Our magazine is titled edible WOW.  

This statement is copied from their website: 
Our mission is to connect, inspire, and engage you to embrace the growers, artisans, stores and restaurants devoted to our region’s local flavors and culinary traditions.
We will shine our appreciative light on the bread makers, the herbalists, the farmers, the chefs, the brewers, the millers and the vintners who make the extra effort to produce local and fresh.

Most of the past issues for each city can be viewed online.  They also have recipe sections.  Click here to visit the Edible Communities website.  Our winter issue should be out now and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

 all photo's from the edible WOW website

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