Dreaming of Pretty Laundry Rooms

11:08 PM

 I ended up having an "adventure" today.  I came downstairs to the laundry room to put some clothes in the hamper and what did I find - my laundry tub had overflowed.  It took a minute for my mind to connect with what I was seeing.  :(  Throughout the next 45 minutes of sopping up water and cleaning things up I started dreaming of a nice and neat and functional laundry space.

I decided to look up some photo's of laundry rooms and here are some that I think are really nice!

via houzz
This laundry room was a favorite.  Being surrounded by nature seems like a fun way to do laundry.  I hope this room is in an area that enjoys all four seasons.

via houzz
A dream sink!  I really love the big, big sinks!

via schoolhouse electric
This room looks so fresh and I thought the light fixture was very fun!

unknown source
I see a pattern with colors that I am drawn to.

via houzz
Apothecary jars holding simple laundry room staples.

via velvet and linen
So much space!

via houzz
A grand entrance!

I'm really hoping that sometime this summer we can freshen our space up a bit!  It is in need of new wallpaper and I would love a counter that would extend wall to wall and top my washers for easy folding.  My washers are on those drawer stands right now and it makes them too tall to fold on so I take everything out to the dining room table.

I have to make it through our January/February home improvement projects so for the moment I better stop thinking about this plan.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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