Wood Floor - Finished!

9:18 AM

Here is just a quick peek of our newly finished floors!
Everything went really well.
I'm going to be painting this room today so we can move everything back in.

 The new color makes such a difference already.
Just waiting for the island.
Hoping it will look as neat as I have imagined it looking in the space.
I guess it can't be worse.

So, the wood floor refinishing took 3 days.
Day 1 - Prep and Sanding
Day 2 - A little more sanding and staining and a protective coat
Day 3 - Buffing and Poly

Dust - very minimal

It will be nice to get everything back in place.
Then on to carpet.
I guess things have to get messy before they get better.

On another note ...  I was on Cash and Cari last night.  Only I would know it's me because the camera's were behind me.  It was right at the start of the show and just me walking - just a couple of seconds.  Pink and white sleeveless top and dark jeans.  That's me!  My friend Karen and I were at both of the sales that were on the show last night.  I picked up a really nice old flag.  So, that's my not really exciting story.

Have a great day!

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