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7:06 PM

I stumbled upon a new favorite show today and I can't wait to tell you about it!  I loved it the first minute in and am planning on DVRing every episode since they cannot be watched online.

The show is called Rehab Addict and it airs on the DIY Network.

While looking up information on the show I discovered that the host, Nicole Curtis(above), is from the same town that I grew up in, Lake Orion!  My husband and I have a running Lake Orion joke - he says Lake Orion must be the epicenter of the world because of my silly stories and coincidences - I can't tell you how many times we have had conversations about someone he met, etc. and I ask where they are from or where they live and I get the big pause, followed by the funny look and the words Lake Orion.  He watched the show with me this afternoon.  A little bit ago while he was at the neighbors house I decided to start looking up information on Rehab Addict - needless to say I couldn't wait for him to get home so I could show him what I found!  It might sound funny, but Lake Orion is still my favorite place in the world.  It has a charming historical downtown, many lakes, and even my grade school was in an amazing old building where all the details fascinated me.

Back to the show - Nicole Curtis is likable, adorable, and very knowledgeable.  Very real!  She doesn't flip old home - she saves them.  She fixes up historic homes in disrepair and restores them back to how they should look for their specific period.  She visits flea markets and restoration centers to find the appropriate pieces she needs to update each home.  In the episodes I saw she was working on a 1910 home and restoring the bathrooms.

Click here  for episode information and airing times.

I hope you love this show as much as I do.  I think Nicole has a hit on her hands!

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