New Kitchen Island - The Before

6:50 AM

This is the furniture piece that is going to become our new kitchen island.

The bronze colored hardware is staying - it will just get a coat of paint.

The drawer pulls will be changed out to the crystal knobs in this photo.

I really enjoy all the character in this piece.  
I think it is so unique and I truly adore it.
As you walk into the kitchen this pretty side will be in view.
We are planning a little surprise with the back.
I also want to thank my husband for trusting me with this idea!

I tested out a few colors ...
all Benjamin Moore
Alaskan Husky * Moonshine
Gray Horse

Gray Horse Won!
It is the darker shade on the lower section of the board.
We liked the contrast of this color against our white cabinets.
So, it will be painted out in Gray Horse and distressed a bit.

Can you see the potential in this piece of furniture?
What do you think?
I really am super excited about this new addition to our home.
It's being worked on right now so we will all have to wonder for a little while more!

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