Wood Floors - Spaces Emptied/Floor Sanded/Color Preview

12:05 AM

Everything has been cleared off the wood floors - 

 and piled into the rooms that have carpeting.

Right now I feel a bit like we are moving, but I'm looking forward to putting everything back in place all cleaned up and organized!

This is not a job we wanted to do ourselves.  The experts have better equipment than can be rented and they also have the experience and knowledge to do the job right.

So far all of the floors have been sanded.

They are looking better already!  I think they look good super light as well.

This is our second time going through floor refinishing.  Last time was a horrible experience and I think that is why we kept putting off having our floors refinished again.   I really can't explain how bad it was.  We had dust everywhere and the last guy also had to redo the job because he left sawdust under his poly and finish job.  Really bad experience!!!  Obviously not an expert!

This time everything is going so well.  It's clean, every person I have talked to at the company I hired has been fantastic, and the pricing was very reasonable.  This time I went through a local carpeting store instead of hiring an independent guy.  I know many of our friends are also needing their floors finished and are waiting to see how ours turn out - this carpet store is going to get many referrals because of a job well done! 
This is the hall to the powder room, laundry, and garage.

So here is the original finish, the sanded floor, and the sample of what our new floor color is going to be.  

The type of wood our floor is made of is red oak.  Different woods will take stain colors differently.  The new color we chose is called Jacobean by Bona.  Our top coat is also by Bona and is woodline satin.  

Our new floor color will be a big change for us, but one we have been dreaming about for a long time now.

If you are looking for really good information on wood floor's visit the Bona website.

Now I'm going to try to get the photo's of our center island piece off my phone and onto my computer.  It's probably so easy - just one of those things I've never bothered to do!

Have a Happy Day!

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