Easter Day (Lots of Pictures)

10:23 PM

Happy Belated Easter from our family and Guinness!

I wanted to put popcorn on the kids table much to a few people asking me what I was doing.  That made me question myself, but then I received confirmation that my thought was a good one - there was not a kernel left.  The kids also drank lemonade with strawberry popping bobas in the bottom of the glass.  This went over very well!  You have to buy the wide straws, and as you sip the popping bobas or bubbles come up the straw.  When you bite them they burst with whatever flavor you used.  Pretty fun!

My husband cooked up a storm.  Everything was so-ooo good.  This is a photo of the Easter Pies that he made.  I didn't get a photo of his main dish, but Yum!

I really can't believe how pretty our eggs came out this year.  
They have never looked so good.

We tried out some of the food dying methods.
Green tea = the very light egg (upper right)
Coffee = the brown tone eggs
Blueberries = purple shade eggs
Grape Juice - purple eggs with funky random specks
We tried cabbage, but it didn't work for us.  We will have to try that again.

The blue eggs and the minty green eggs are the only eggs we used food coloring on.
We made up the turquoise formula from the box.
The bright blue were simply left in the turquoise.

Noah came up with the minty color in the middle.
He put his egg into the turquoise for a very short dip, and then he put it into the coffee.  It gave the egg depth, and I love that he created the best color.


My boys are older, but they still enjoy their Easter baskets.


The boys really like the Sheldon character from The Big Bang Theory.  They both had smiles ear to ear when they found their new t-shirts.  In the past the gift has always been for sharing, but this year the shirts seemed like a better way to go.

Oh the sweets!

After Easter this year I looked back at my posts from Easter's past.  It was a nice little trip back in time!  If you want to see a little more click here.

Have a good night and thank you so much for reading!  I think my very next post is going to be an ugly one so stay tuned :) 

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