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This is week 4 - cooking from this cookbook!
We have enjoyed so many delicious healthy meals I had to share it with you.

 Sunday through Thursday this is where our dinner recipe has been coming from.  We have also made many breakfast smoothies throughout the week from this book.

Some of the meals we have really loved  -
 Texas Thin Crust Pizza (for the pizza crusts you use whole grain tortilla for the crust - we used lavash - comes out crispy!)

 Pesto Chicken Pizza

 Curry Lentil Chicken Soup

 Beefy Onion Mushroom Broth - silence through the entire meal which contained cabbage, mushrooms, and bean sprouts among other ingredients- they devoured it and I was amazed at the quiet!  Really, is this my kitchen? 

Some of the Smoothies - 
 Mint Chocolate Shake - we edited this one a bit - not enough mint taste so we swapped out 1/2 cup water for more tea.  Also, we learned that chocolate chips don't blend so we added a touch of Hershey's syrup instead.

Popeye Fruit Smoothie - some of the secret ingredients in this drink are spinach and cashews.

The flavors in all of the super healthy meals are unexpected.

A few of the authors rules for each recipe that is included in this book:
1.  Must taste great
2.  Must contain lean, complete protein
3.  Must be low in sugar and processed carbohydrates
4.  Must prioritize healthy fats over bad fats
5.  Must control calorie intake and density
6.  Must include fresh, natural, additive free ingredients wherever possible

Noah is funny, his quote is, "Even if it's not really good at least you know your putting something really healthy in your body."  There have only been 2 recipes in the 3 previous weeks that were just alright.  The rest were delicious.  Also, the venison stew is outstanding - I just swapped out the venison for beef.  That was one of our very favorites! 

For more information on this book and for purchasing information click here.

(all photos are from the Gourmet Nutrition cookbook, and were taken by Jason Grenci.  I just took some quick shots of my cookbook so you could see the goodness inside)

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