Moss Covered Letters With A Twist

11:22 AM

Moss Covered Letters - Recently beautifying the pages of the Pottery Barn Catalog, and now inspiring many to make their own versions of this really great idea!

For years I have wanted to find mismatched vintage letters to simply spell out the word us.  I haven't come across the letters yet so when I was deciding what word I wanted to create from moss this is what I kept coming back to.  Short and sweet!

I purchased the moss and letters from Hobby Lobby.  This is the back of the letter so you can get an idea of what I used.  They are a heavy cardboard and can be found in the scrapbook area.  The letters are 8 1/2 inches tall.

For a perfect tutorial on how to make your letters visit Dear Lillie.  I really like Jennifer's instructions and her blog is just so beautiful!  Be sure to look around while you are there.  Click here for her tutorial.
I wanted to add a little something else just to make them more my own so I went through things I had at the house and started making my plan.

Wrapping them with thread was my first idea.  I thought I might use two colors, but ended up sticking with the green.  More subtle and nature inspired.  I just wrapped the thread around randomly until I liked how it looked and taped the thread ends to the back of the letter.

Then I figured out what ribbon I wanted to use.

I ended up using a Tiffany blue seam binding and the little charms.  I'm not sure where the charms are from.  Ordered them online years ago.  So I started out with pink and green thread and pink and green crystal flowers and ended up choosing something completely different.

 One last touch - the u was wrapped in jute packaging twine.  The s stayed bare - kind of like the mismatched look!

In other news Noah is feeling like his old self.  Thank you for all the well wishes!  He really enjoyed your comments too!

Hope you have a great day!

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