My Favorite Box Cake Mix and Frosting

10:01 AM

Here is my go to box cake mix and frosting.

There are some box mixes that smell like playdough as you are eating them. Those are awful and I can see if you had one of those you might think box mixes are terrible.

My personal favorite is Betty Crocker Super Moist White.
The Cherry Chip is also well liked.

And the frosting - Duncan Hines Creamy Homestyle Classic Vanilla or Classic Chocolate.  Note:  We like sugary frosting over here!  Also - very important (to me) leave the cake out uncovered - your frosting becomes dryer and you will get a little crisp with each bite.  I like to make my cakes and cupcakes the night before and just leave them out.

This is what I used to decorate this simple cake.  The edible glitter really looks like pretty snowflakes.

The cake stand is pink milk glass - found on Ebay many years ago.

Happy Monday!

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