Toasters With Personality

12:32 PM

One of the things I have always liked in our kitchen is the toaster.  To me the robins egg blue is fun - not serious - a little bit vintage looking - unexpected.  I decided to look around the web, and see what other unique toasters are out there that would add personality to a kitchen.

My first stop - Morphy Richards - the maker of my toaster.  They no longer have any pastels,  but there are a few models in white that still have a lot of character.

Dualit has the best color selection.

This toaster by Kalorik is very cheerful!

This pink toaster reminds me of a pink Sony radio/tape player I still have that I got for my 16th birthday.  I can't part with it!

Viking white.  Serious fun!

Another Kalorik toaster.  I really like this design.

Nice dials and accent colors on this Kenmore.

Dualit - great color!

Good morning sunshine from Kalorik.

An adorable Morphy Richards.

And the big Morphy Richards.

Hopefully my toaster will just keep on toasting.  I think I would have a hard time deciding between all of the above options - though I am leaning towards the Morphy models!

Which would you choose?

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