Top 25 Home Design Mom's

8:38 PM

Really?   Tonight I have such a smile on my face.  As I was reading a new post from one of my favorite blogs  I stumbled upon something equally as fun for little old me!  What is that I am reading on the page ...  something unexpected!  What is my name doing on this list?

I have been nominated as one of the Top 25 Home Design Moms by Circle of Mom's.  How fun is that! 

I am completely flattered!  Completely!  I am listed with so many blogs that I read, love, and enjoy so much!

If you would like, and if you have the time I would love your vote.  You can vote once per day.   

I am just truly honored to be mentioned.  Thank you Circle of Mom's! 

I'm going to go vote for my favorites now!

And 2 posts in one day - be sure to check out the cookbook we are loving!

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