It's A Jello Water Kind Of Day

4:59 PM

Did your mom ever make you Jello water when you were feeling ill?

When I was growing up Jello water was sure to make an appearance when we had nausea and upset stomachs.  There may be no truth in it's helpfulness at all, but it really does make you feel a little bit better - maybe because it tastes so good!  Noah got food poisoning Saturday so we made Strawberry.   Poor little man is still hurting a bit today.

You can make the water any flavor you choose.  Follow the package directions - boil half of the water, pour over gelatin, stir until dissolved, add other half of water lukewarm (  I use lukewarm - you don't want it to turn into Jello).   I make it right in my pitcher and leave it out on the counter.  If you put it in the fridge it will become firm and undrinkable.

When you pass by the kitchen and see the pitcher it makes you at least a little bit happy that you get to have the special drink!

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